As a 2006 graduate of Oak Creek High School, I'm so proud to be a 2024 sponsor for Oak Creek Youth Cheer. Christina Letto, the head coach for OCYC, is one of my best friends, an amazing coach, and beautiful human, and she works so incredibly hard to bring this program to the community. Along with the board, Christina holds fundraisers to raise money for uniforms, hosts Adult Knight Out, and coordinates multiple events for OCYC including the July 4th parade + football games.

Being involved in the community that I love has been extremely beneficial to my mental health! Children's involvement in extra-curricular activities sets them up for a positive future. When I was in school, my mom always told us that we had to be involved in one after-school activity, and I'm so grateful for this in my adult life. Meeting people, being active, caring about something, and exploring your interests while you're younger will give you a stronger sense of responsibility!

I participated in TV Workshop filming football games + creating music videos, Drama Club acting in the musicals and being a Stage Manager for the non-musical plays, Knights of the Round Table, German Club, and Prom Court. When I was even younger, I played tennis, soccer, and danced in the drug awareness dance teams! Maybe I'm living in the past, but I'm PROUD of the things I've been able to do! All the pieces of our past are the reason we're where we are today!

If you're interested in joining OCYC, visit their website:

Oak Creek Youth Cheer Board Members